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Got a DUI conviction and looking for cheap car insurance?

Navigating the maze of car insurance after a DUI conviction can feel like a heavy burden. It's true that insurance premiums can skyrocket after such an event. However, understanding the problem and having an appropriate plan can help in finding reasonably priced insurance.

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The Uphill Struggle After a DUI Conviction

For insurers, the name of the game is risk. The more risk you pose as a driver, the higher your insurance cost. When you're convicted with a DUI (Driving Under the Influence), your risk profile takes a significant hit. This is because a DUI conviction tends to signal a likelihood of reckless behaviour and potential future claims. The result is usually an eye-watering increase in your insurance bill.

Moreover, obtaining insurance can become more complex. Some insurers may refuse to offer you a policy outright owing to the perceived risk. If they do offer a policy, the price can be prohibitively high. If your licence was disqualified following the conviction, getting it back can also increase your insurance cost.

Root Causes of DUI Convictions

The reasons leading to DUI convictions can be varied, but they often involve poor judgement and a lack of understanding of the law. A lot of people don't realise that driving under the influence isn't just about alcohol. It can also relate to driving under the influence of drugs, both legal and illegal.

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A common misconception is the belief that one can drive safely after a pint or two. However, even small amounts of alcohol can impair driving ability. What's more, the legal limit can be less than you think, and it differs from person to person depending on factors like weight, age, and sex.

A lack of alternative transport or a decision to 'chance it' can often lead to the unfortunate situation of being caught driving under the influence. These decisions, often made lightly, can have serious repercussions including higher insurance costs.

Searching for Affordable Insurance

Given the obstacles, how do you find affordable car insurance after a DUI conviction? Let's explore a few strategies:

Investigate Specialist Providers

There are insurance companies that specialise in providing policies for drivers with convictions, including DUI. They're accustomed to dealing with high-risk profiles and may offer more competitive rates.

Compare and Contrast

Don't just settle for the first quote you receive. It pays to shop around. Use comparison sites to see which insurers can offer you the best deal, but also consider contacting companies directly.

Revisit Your Excess

Increasing your voluntary excess - the amount you contribute to any claim - can be an effective way to bring down your premium. Ensure, though, that you can afford the excess if you need to claim.

Brush Up Your Driving

Certain rehabilitation courses are approved by insurers and completing them can help demonstrate your commitment to safer driving, which could result in a reduced premium.

Keep Your Miles Down

If you can reduce your annual mileage, this could be reflected in a lower premium. Lower mileage typically equals less risk in the eyes of the insurer.

Car Security Matters

Consider investing in additional security measures for your vehicle, such as an alarm or immobiliser. It can help to show insurers you're serious about mitigating risk.

Consider Telematics Policies

Another way to potentially reduce insurance costs after a DUI conviction is by opting for a telematics or 'black box' policy. This involves installing a device in your car that monitors your driving behaviour. Good driving can result in lower premiums, making it a potentially valuable tool in demonstrating you've turned over a new leaf.

A Note on Time

Time can be a great healer when it comes to DUI convictions and car insurance. Convictions usually need to be declared to insurers for five years and will have a decreasing impact on your premium over that period. Maintain a clean driving record during this time, and you'll see your insurance costs start to come down.


Finding cheap car insurance following a DUI conviction isn't easy, but it's not an impossible task. By understanding the system, shopping around, and demonstrating your commitment to safer driving, you can find an insurance policy that doesn't break the bank. It's all about taking a proactive stance and showing you're not defined by past mistakes, but ready to make better decisions in the future.